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Xmas shopping: Hits and misses

Dec 08 2006 12:22 64
IT IS that time of year again - you can't set foot in a shopping centre, your family is already harassing you with what they want, and the ever frustrating Christmas 
jingles on TV. I think advertising agencies love this festive season, it is a no-brainer to produce adverts - just pick a product, add some crappy song, a dash of
red/ white/ green, some ho-ho-ho and you're good to go. But Christmas time is also the time when you take notice of all the cool gadgets you can get, either for
yourself or for someone else. After a serious bout of window shopping, I compiled a list of things worth buying, or, on

the other hand, rather staying away from. There are so many things to buy that to compile a Top 10 list for this season won't be right, so I will split it up in smaller

Your Christmas bonus list (for those of you that are lucky enough to get one):


  • Apple iPod Nano (2nd generation 8GB)
  • Sony DCR-SR100E HandyCam 3
  • Canon Powershot S80
  • Vodacom HSDPA Datacard
  • Sony PSP

The cellphone list:


  • Sony Ericsson W810i
  • Nokia N80
  • Sony Ericsson K800
  • Nokia 6280
  • Samsung P910

The Christmas gadget list:


  • USB Missile Launcher
  • Robosapien V2
  • Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard
  • Philips Projection Clock Radio
  • Logitech Harmony universal remote

The 'don't-even-think-of-buying" list:


  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Sony PlayStation 2
  • Apple Mac
  • Telkom ADSL
  • Any notebook without Intel Duo processor

You must be wondering why I included products like the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Apple Mac to the list of don't buys.

Well, for the Xbox, the Sony PlayStation 3 is coming in March/ April 2007, and I recommend you wait until then to find out which is best.

As for Apple, it is launching a new range of Macs, so wait until the new Intel versions are widely available. In short, if the notebook or Apple Mac the salesperson
is trying to flog you does not have a new Intel Duo processor, you are wasting your money, even if you are being offered a great price.

Telkom ADSL - you want a present you can use by Christmas morning, and if you order it now, you will not have it before the PlayStation 3 launch!


Online shopping

There is another list I want to add, but this is not a gift list; it is of places where you can do some online shopping this festive season and skip shops altogether.
And the best thing - you can pick the background music whilst shopping.

Just remember shopping online will not help you on December 24, they need time for shipping.

Online shopping list: ...




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