The Ultimate in Spotting Scopes

Celestron 52252 Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope (100mm) 

The Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope resides at the top of the Celestron range and its design is perfect for outdoor activities such as astronomy, target shooting, nature and bird-watching (umm, yes, that does also include checking out the hot woman in the apartment across the way). 

Sporting a sleek professional white and grey exterior appearance, the Ultima spotting scope weighs in at just 20 pounds (9.07 Kg), with dimensions of 22-inches (55.88cm) x 7-inches (17.78cm) x 7-inches. All of the optical parts of the 52252 Ultima are multi-coated ensuring crisp, clear images and reliable durability, with this 100mm Spotting Scope featuring a fifty percent brighter image than its closest predecessor – the Celestron 80mm. Magnifications include a standard zoom scope of 22x up to 66x, but included in the Ultima is a sight tube for speedy targeting. This takes care of those instances when subjects are moving and you have to focus really quickly. Because of its 100mm aperture, allowing maximum light entry, the Celestron Ultima delivers clear, good images even in conditions which have very poor lighting. Other advantages of the Ultima are UV-protection, fog-proofing, water resistance and it also comes with a soft carry case for protection and comfortable portability. 
The Ultima also sports a wide, clear field of view with clients reporting back that they could view four targets (at the same time) without needing to move the scope. Also, reports indicate that on a sunny day, with good lighting, you can see targets clearly which are up to 600 yards away (548.6 meters), including bullet holes in your cardboard if you are target shooting. That is a brilliant performance for the purchase price of this spotter scope, making it an excellent all-rounder Zoom Spotting Scope. 
The 100mm Celestron Ultima Zoom spotting scope is very popular with customers and statistics show that 58 percent of all clients preferred the (52252) 100mm model over any other scopes on the market. Also available seperately is a Celestron Altazimuth Heavy-Duty Tripod for solid balancing and stability. 
I can see clearly now, the rain has gone.

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