BlackBerry ASY14396008 Desktop Charge/Sync Pod BlackBerry 9500 S

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BlackBerry ASY14396008 Desktop Charge/Sync Pod BlackBerry 9500 Storm SeriesThe BlackBerry Sync Pod compliments your sleek BlackBerry Storm smartphone with style. While at work or at home, use it to transfer data, music, photos, and videos. The illuminated LED accent helps you locate your BlackBerry smartphone in the dark, making it the perfect alarm clock when using the BlackBerry Sync Pod at your bedside. Contoured to fit the BlackBerry Storm smartphone, the BlackBerry Sync Pod delivers multi-purpose functionality with a classy look.


  • Brand NEW direct from Blackberry! Made by Blackberry with 1 Blackberry Year Warranty included!
  • One MICRO-USB (not miniusb like other Blackberry models) port for charging or syncing
  • Display, sync, and recharge your BlackBerry smartphone in the office or at home
  • The illuminated LED accent helps you locate your BlackBerry smartphone in the dark

Brand: BlackBerry

UPC: 0843163024564

Manufacturer Part Number: ASY14396008

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Review by on 03 August 2010

Great item, well constructed, but theres no USB cable! Kind of a ripoff, come on RIM...
Reviewed on 2010-08-03 by

I received this product quickly! And in perfect condition. It does not come with the charger cable but is plugged into your current one. My husband likes that he no longer has to hunt for the cord that has fallen behind the dresser. We have had 2 Blackberries that the charge/sync port has failed. I believe this will minimize the wear and tear on that port. I plan on ordering one for my Storm 2!
this product is great and the shipping was fast and convenient...i had a question and called and i got a quick response from IBD electronics and they were veeerry freindly..than you
First, this item is only good for the original Storm I, so there probably won't be many more of these sold. However, I purchased 2 of them, one for home and another for work. I use them both daily. <br /> <br />Prior to purchasing the charger/sync pods I had purchased an extended battery that lasted so long it never came close to running out of juice during the day, no matter what I used my Blackberry for. Unfortunately, the "door" for the back of the Storm that was included with the battery was so flimsy that it didn't last very long -- maybe 6 months or so. My only option was to purchase another extended battery (which I didn't need) just to get another flimsy door. I decided instead to reinsert my original (non-extended) battery with original (non-flimsy) door and get the 2 pods for easy recharge. <br /> <br />I work in IT so the one at work just sits there at my desk. I keep the one at home on my nightstand by my alarm clock. So now, I keep my Storm easily recharged by inserting the phone into the pods when not in use. And I keep it in "bedside" (or "clock") mode so I have a nice clock to look at. At home I have a backup alarm (which I was using it for already). I can also activate the photo "slide" feature and have my Blackberry display my photos like one of those electronic picture frames. And best of all, the battery stays charged as if I have an extended battery just as conveniently. <br /> <br />The only negative is that I must carry an extra charger for the car, but that's not really a fault of the pod, of course. <br /> <br />The very nice design and convenience of this pod or dock is well-worth the small cost for the unit. You do have to purchase an additional wall charger for it (one doesn't come with the pod). This is a little inconvenient, but they are fairly easy to find and also super-inexpensive. Just make sure you buy an *actual* charger for the Storm and not a knock-off. I tried the knock-offs and they seemed to mess up the electronics in the Blackberry. <br />
Review by on 28 July 2009

Better quality than expected. The only down side is that it has to charge with the buttons on the right side since the mini usb port faces down in this position. It doesn't move around when placing or removing the phone. Phone automatically switches to speaker if answered from cradle or placed during a call.
Reviewed on 2009-07-28 by

The Blackberry docking station is a great product. It has a compact design with an attractive appearance. Its weighted on the bottom so it doesn't slide around although it comes close when clicking the screen if you don't support the BB from behind. you can operate the BB with one finger and not chase it around your desk however. I wish the LED light on it were in a place where I could see it while the BB is plugged in, its behind the phone. but that is no big deal. I'd order an extra USB Micro cable to go along with it so you don't tie up the only one on the dock. the dock is well designed. sometimes it seems like the BB doesn't want to fit into it but you just have to place it in straight and it fits perfectly. <br /> <br />the only downsides I can see are not actually problems with the dock but problems with the Blackberry itself, they could be fixed with future software updates. when placing it in the dock the BB acts just like you plugged it into the wall, it goes into bedside mode showing the clock. I'd rather it keep active because I use it while at my desk. the screen keeps timing out and going black also and I have to keep bringing it up. I wish it wouldn't do that. maybe there's already an option to fix that. my other problem is its very difficult ot use the BB as a phone while on the dock. no big deal to take it out but at times I want to use the speakerphone and keep it on the dock. the phone program is vertical only, so you have to type in phone numbers sideways, it does not adjust for the fact the BB is being held horizontally. and once you are in a phone call the button to bring up the keyboard is no longer there at all. while trying to call companies that inevitably leave you on hold for ever using the dock I would want to put it on speaker and just leave it where it is. but you can't get to the keyboard to press 1 for english etc. <br /> <br />overall I'm very happy with it. I plan to order a second so I can have one at my desk and one at my bedside.
Excellent product. Operates as advertised. My only complaint is that this stand only works with the bare phone unit and not with a case around it.
Review by on July 01, 2009

Works as advertised, but only if Blackberry Storm is not in some cases. would be nice if black section were an insert that could be removed. Remaining section would probably permit use with most cases.
01 July 2009 - Reviewed by

For a frequent traveler, this is a must-have accessory. Allows you to use your Storm as an alarm clock while it's being charged. This is so useful, I bought a second one to use at home all the time.
July 01, 2009 - Written by

I wish I knew up front if something is missing. I assumed that the cord to connect this to either a electrical socket or USB socket would have been included. I get this and discovered that there is no connector. I have to order that separately. I took off two points for not mentioning that and so deceiving the customer. If it had the cord I would have given it a 5 star rating since it works well. <br /> <br />Another aspect to make note of, if your blackberry has a full around rubber protector you will have to pull it off fist. The fit into this device is tight.
Review by on July 01, 2009

I knew it was just the cradle and didn't come with a power cord. Works great for the night stand for overnight charging. I may buy a second one to mount in the car as well.
01 July 2009 - Reviewed by

It really makes the storm more of a media player. At work I am able to view movies, videos or sync my storm regularly. It is a great accessory!!!