Canon BP-819 Lithium Ion Battery Pack for HF10 and HF100 Camcord

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Canon BP-819 Lithium Ion Battery Pack for HF10 and HF100 Camcorders1780-mAh lithium ion Battery / Compatible with VIXIA HF10 and HF 100 Canon Digital Camcorder

Brand: Canon Video

Manufacturer Part Number: 2589B002

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Review by on January 26, 2010

This battery is an absolute necessity for your Canon HF series camcorders if you want to film over one hour of footage on a single charge. Yes it is expensive, but it does do its job perfectly. Don't bother with the aftermarket batteries out there.
January 26, 2010 - Written by

I used it recently (along with a 32GB Sandisk SD card) and was able to capture over an hour's worth of my son's baptism. After the event, there was still plenty of battery life left. It would have gotten a 5-star review if it weren't too bulky for my HF200 camera. It sticks out the back and makes it less than ideal to use the record button on the rear right of the camera.
26 January 2010 - Reviewed by

This battery increases the run time of my HF100 from about 70 minutes to over 180. This means that I can leave the camcorder on for an entire soccer game without worrying about running out of battery. It also means I'll have to buy a 16GB SD card so I can go for 2 hours of recording without swapping battery or memory card. <br /> <br />About the only negative is that it sticks out of the back of the camcorder, but that's to be expected since the extra battery capacity has to go somewhere.
Review by on January 26, 2010

Good battery but doesn't hold a charge for as long as I thought - still important to have an extra batterey for taking long videos.
27 April 2009 - Reviewed by

Canon BP-819 Lithium Ion Battery Pack for HF10 and HF100 Camcorders <br />Made the purchase when I bought my Canon HF11 after hearing how horrible the stock battery was. I could not be happier with my purchase. This high capacity battery gives me 2+ hours of record time. More than enough for mutliple days or games (soccer for the kids!). <br /> <br />If you have a HF10/100/11 and are still using the stock battery and hating it, buy this battery and use your stocker for a back up. You won't be sorry!
Review by on 27 April 2009

* Excellent in still pictures and also in videos,I really love them.Enjoyable to my life and especially I became a youtuber .
Reviewed on 2009-04-27 by

Well, at full charge (and this is in regards to use with the HF100), you get over 3 hours of operation time. There's little more to say than that but I'd say this is a solid purchase when you take into consideration that the battery that comes packaged with the camera only gives you about an hour, give or take a few. I guess it's worth mentioning that the battery sticks out a little bit from the rear but not that much that it causes any kind of problem whatsoever. <br /> <br />Easily recommended.