Havahart Spray Away Motion Activated Water Repellent #5265

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Spray Away works by detecting an animal or bird with infra-red sensors. Once detected, the electronic valve releases three seconds of water from an attached garden hose to chase wild animals away from landscape and gardens. Adjustable sensitivity detector and random spray pattern to prevent animals from growing accustomed to the sprayer. A 180 degree front sweep with infra-red motion detection combines with a water spray up to 35 feet to protect up 1000 square feet. Uses 9 volt battery power for thousands of activations.


  • Motion activated water repellent chases wild animals away from landscape and gardens
  • Spray Away senses the animal by using heat and movement for efficacy
  • Spray Away pauses for 8 seconds after firing, creating randomness, preventing the animal from becoming accustomed to the repellent
  • Water shoots 35 feet in length, protects 1000 square feet
  • Uses 9 volt battery power for thousands of activations

Brand: Havahart

UPC: 0036348052654

Manufacturer Part Number: 5265

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03 August 2010 - Reviewed by

The Havahart Spray Away can be a little too sensitive at times, especially when it's windy, but it works great! No more cats in my flower beds.
Review by on August 03, 2010

The motion activated spraying worked fine. However the connection of a watering hose to the unit leaked constantly. I tried 2 differnet hoses, then added a hose washer into the threaded portion of the unit, then tried using teflon plumbing tape on the end or the watering hose threads. None of those worked. The unit leaked noticeably at the hose connection and was a constant waste of water.
03 August 2010 - Reviewed by

Works great. I am considering planting a garden without a fence and protecting it with these sentrys.
August 03, 2010 - Written by

The spray away motion activated water repellent works. It deters the deer in our area from eating flowers and garden plants. <br />My wife could not plant any to her favorite flowers and vegetables without the deer eating them at night. Since we started using the spray away her flowers and garden plants are flourishing. She is one happy woman.
Review by on August 03, 2010

I thought The Havahart 5265 Spray Away would be the answer to keeping the rabbits off my lawn. Not so. I have adjusted it;moved it to several different locations; changed the sensitivities and No Luck with keeping those rabbits away. <br />I purchased two of these. One for each side of the house. <br /> <br />I believe the problem is that the rabbits are too small and close to the ground so they don't trigger the motion detector. This product will probably work on larger animals that don't go "Under the Radar" <br /> <br />If you are purchasing this product specificallyHavahart 5265 Spray Away Motion-Activated Water Repellent for rabbits, it won't work. <br />
28 July 2009 - Reviewed by

There was a lot of water seeping out from where I attached the hose. I applied some teflon tape and it seems to have worked. I do not believe a product thats costs as much as this should need anything more in order to get it to work correctly.
Review by on 28 July 2009

The deer would stop by my flower beds for a buffet on there way to and from the creek for water. The Havahart Motion Activated did its job. After being squirted the deer left my flower alone.
July 23, 2009 - Written by

This really works - easy to install and monkeys are finally leaving me alone!
14 July 2009 - Reviewed by

I have a 600 gallon pond. The Herons would come and eat my Koi, and Golfish. I set this baby up. I have no worries now. Great product. <br />Hint use a heavy duty hose because the water is always on. and burst hose would be bad. Hint two you can turn the water down and change the distance range to be shorter. I did this because as any that walked by it would shoot past the pond and get you. <br />
Review by on July 14, 2009

We enjoy our sprayer but often goes off when we see nothing around, and then won't spray when one of us is right in its path. HOpefully no predator gets our fish on the "off" moments. Needs to be staked in ground or falls over. Overall it is fine, but not excellent.
July 14, 2009 - Written by

Bought this device to keep the neighbor's cats from "making" in the sandy soil under my porch...imagine my delight when I heard the spurts of water followed by a rather wet kitty running for home. No harm, no smell of cat droppings and a laugh to boot!
14 July 2009 - Reviewed by

No amount of "Thank you for picking up after your dog" signs worked with my neighborly (and I use that term loosely) dog-walkers. Every lawn mowing led to unseen, squishy underfoot land mines. This fab invention has saved the day. It does have the ability to string hoses between multiple sprayers if needed. If I had to cover much more area I would probably go for a second one, but this sprays about 30 feet and keeps dogs and walkers away even further than the spray actually reaches. Thanks to Havahart!
Review by on July 14, 2009

Worked as advertised and kept the deer and rabbits away from my roses. After about 4 weeks the battery went dead and deer ate half my roses again. It operated a lot in that time but I wish there was a way to know when to change the battery other than standing in front of it.
Review by on 01 July 2009

I have been using a Scarecrow for years and it worked good. I took a chance ordering the Havahart 5265 because it was considerably cheaper. I'm glad I did. It works just as good or better than the Scarecrow motion activated sprayer.
Reviewed on 2009-07-01 by

After trying home and commercial 'aromatic' brews to repel deer with either poor or no results, I ordered Havahart 5265 water repellent. It has, so far, lived up to its advertised effectiveness. I have had no deer intrusions into our flower beds since it was installed. <br /> <br />Sam <br />Magnolia, Texas
I love this device. It has made it possible to have the biggest hostas that we have ever had by chadeing all the deer away. It's also a lot of laughfs when the neighbors walk bye it and get doused. I have had one for two years now and the only problem is that it needs a new battery every year. That is good I think. I purchased several for the neighbors and they all love them too.
Reviewed on 2009-07-01 by

I had stray cats dumping on my side lawn for 2 years. I saw this item and gave it a shot. It blasted it's first cat in 5 minutes! I set it up like someone here recommended. I used Teflon joint compound to seal the hose and other connection so I never had a leak to complain about. <br />It nailed a few people walking up my driveway so I moved it to where people are safe from the soaking....although I thought it was funny! <br />I now have a poop free lawn.
July 01, 2009 - Written by

This product works less than half the time. We installed it about a month ago. Now the geese walk real slow so that the motion beams are not tripped and they walk right up to the back patio to eat my grass and leave me little "presents" all in my yard. This morning, one goose was actually drinking the water sprayed from the Havahart 5265 Spray Away Motion Activated Water Repellent. They have gotten used to the spray and some even wait out the 8 second delay or get behind the chairs on my porch to wait out the 2 second spray then continue to eat and **** in my yard. They even circumvent the whole system. (We installed 2) We have even moved the system around to fool them which has not worked either. Thanks but no thanks. I would not recommend this as now I have more than 40 geese take up residence since it was installed.
11 June 2009 - Reviewed by

I had high hopes for this product, based on the reviews, but either mine is defective, or it doesn't work as I hoped. First I tried to run it off my pond pump, but there's not enough pressure there. So, I ran a hose across the yard to test it. It has enough pressure now, but the sensor doesn't work correctly. It seems to go off at random times for no reason, but won't activate if I walk in front of it, or wave a stick. It seems as if it goes into a sleep mode after about 10 mins and won't go off unless you hit it with something. I've tried all settings and tried resetting it, but no success.
June 03, 2009 - Written by

I have 3 SCARECROWS and 1 Havahart for deer deterrent. I find the havahart to work well for my problem and it to be more controllable against tree wind movement. And less $$ <br /> <br />I have them hooked up to an automatic sprinkler valve and set the timer to be on all night long, avoiding the accidental spraying of me, the gardener or mailperson. <br />
June 03, 2009 - Written by

We bought this to keep the deer out of our backyard and away from our fruit trees, It works so good we may need one to keep them out of the front yard now. Simple to set up and simple to use, love it!
Review by on June 03, 2009

I bought the sprayer to keep my own cats out of my garden. This product does what it says in two ways. It first nails the cat when they walk in front of the sensor and in-turn, the cats do remember the sprayer and avoids the area in the future. Besides keeping my cats out of the garden, it also keeps everyone else's cats out of the yard completely, which has cut way back on the cat fights. At the lowest setting the sprayer can reach up to about 20 feet. I staked mine facing away from the back of my house to allow the Havahart to spray into the back yard. After 10 years of me playing "Wile E Coyote" and my cat Spike being "the Road Runner" I finally nail the little S.O.B. Definite thumbs up!
03 June 2009 - Reviewed by

We love our sprinkler!!! It has taken care of the cats and the kids have a blast with it. It is also funny to watch adults dodge it. More that anything, the cats are gone!!!
23 March 2009 - Reviewed by

HAVAHART sprayer did the job the first week...Neighborhood Cats have evacuated and are no longer using our garden plot for a LITTER BOX. ......EASY TO PUT TOGETHER.,,,,,,,,GREAT PRODUCT.
Reviewed on 2008-12-18 by

Not at all worth the money. I would not recommend this product at all. Two units were ordered, and only one sort of worked for a little while. Not impressed with this product and the very high cost for what it is is outrageous.
The motion activated Spray Away has been helpful in keeping deer out of my flower beds. If you have a large area to protect as I do, the sensor angle is too narrow to protect more than a small area. The battery does not last very long. I leave the system on during the day, but turn the water off. Even so, I've had to replace the battery in about a month of usage. The range is decent, about 25 feet max. Overall, the product is worth it to keep the deer from destroying nearly every living green thing in your yard or garden.
Reviewed on 2008-12-18 by

The Havahart Spray Repellant works! The sprayer is the first easy to use product I have found for deer control. We planted quite a few new trees and deer love young trees. We tried the foul smelling deterrents but they are expensive and have to be reapplied every time it rains. The detector works for months on one 9-volt battery. It detects deer as much as 50' away. Just the sound of the sprayer going off scares them away. For the more determined deer who venture closer being hit by the harmless stream of water is enough to get them to leave. It works for smaller animals as well. It's adjustable and easy to set up. I highly recommend it.
Review by on 18 December 2008

Deer around my home continually ate the leaves down to nothing on my two small hibiscus trees. With this water spray, it is noisy enough and sensitive enough to really work. In two weeks both trees now have good size leaves. I do not understand anyone not being able to figure out how to set this, it is simple enough for a 5th grader to do.
18 December 2008 - Reviewed by

I had a new neighbor in our typical residential neighborhood- houses 20 feet away from each other- who decided his 2 large dogs should be able to roam free----- and they decided my pristine yard was a great place to leave 3 or 4 lb piles of feces on....daily. I now have this set up and it works perfectly- the neighborhood kids think its a hoot too- <br />Five big stars- works perfecly for my needs-