JVC BN-VF823U 2190-mAh Rechargeable Data Battery for JVC MiniDV

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JVC BN-VF823U 2190-mAh Rechargeable Data Battery for JVC MiniDV and Everio CamcordersSometimes, especially when travelling, you may need extra power for your JVC camcorder. Here\'s an accessory battery that\'s packed to do the job. Get the JVC BN-VF823 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, an original equipment replacement battery for use with many JVC camcorders. Its lithium-ion rechargeable technology assures optimal performance from charge to charge. At 2190 mAh power storage, each charge will power your camcorder for up to 4 hours. Just fine for that trip abroad!


  • High power spare rechargeable data camcorder battery
  • 2190-mAh power capacity
  • Power: 7.2 volts
  • Provides up to 255 minutes of operation, depending on camcorder
  • Designed for GZ-MG130, 155, 255, GZ-MG555 Everio and other specified camcorders

Brand: JVC

UPC: 0009322309235

Manufacturer Part Number: VF823

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Review by on August 03, 2010

It looks authentic, the appearance and the size etc, but actually, it does not last as long as the Ad said. I used it only ten minutes it showed the two scales (total 4) have been consumed. Not very happy about it.
August 03, 2010 - Written by

Although this battery probably weighs as much as the video camera, this is an absolute must have. I never use my original battery since getting this. This battery never dies out! This must be packed with little Energizer Bunnies inside.
03 August 2010 - Reviewed by

You must have this battery (Original form JVC) or else your camcorder is useless. This last for hours as opposed to 30 mins the one supplied wby Mfg. This product was genuine & real from JVC (Authentic)
Review by on August 03, 2010

This product works great! Long life, and charges with JVC charger! Very Worth it!
03 August 2010 - Reviewed by

This is good replacement battery whcih last long ( 3x) than one shipped with my camcorder <br />Only concern is size is bigger and looks slightly awkward when attached, though it doesn't impact any operations. <br /> <br />JVC : develop same powerful battery in smaller size :)
November 19, 2009 - Written by

I got this battery so that I wouldn't have to worry about recharging batteries on a week long camp out I recently attended. This battery, in combination with my standard JVC battery, held up quite well. I was able to record whatever I wanted to without worrying about battery life, and captured just about all of the camp out events I went to. I also took the camera with me on a 1.5 mile, 2 hour up sometimes steep or rocky terrain, and had this battery attached. I hardly set the camera down, and recorded tons of footage. The added weight of the battery was in no was a detriment to my hiking experience. Definitely recommend for anyone who wants to not have to worry about battery life, or wants to record long videos.
19 November 2009 - Reviewed by

If you buy the camcorder, buy the big battery and the charger. We were gone for 11-days and only had to charge this battery once.
19 November 2009 - Reviewed by

Wow am I glad I bought this battery. A friend who has a similar camera said I wouldn't need this but I found that it adds more stability to the camera as a thumb rest when shooting, an added bonus to the extended battery run time you get from this battery over the original that comes with the camera. I can shoot for hours with this baby before having to recharge it. Pair this with the optional battery charger and you are set for long days of shooting. I hardly ever use the original battery anymore.JVC BN-VF823U 2190-mAh Rechargeable Data Battery for JVC MiniDV and Everio Camcorders
Review by on November 19, 2009

I can not give any opinion, I bought the battery on amazon and I've been waiting a long time waiting and they have not given to me and very bad service from them.