McLeod\'s Daughters - The Complete Third Season

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After the death of his wife and son during childbirth, Claire\'s father, Jack McLeod, married city girl Ruth Silverman. Tess was the product of this tempestuous but short-lived relationship. Growing up, the two girls had been very close but were separated when Ruth took 5-year-old Tess back to the city. Twenty years later, after Jack\'s sudden death, his daughters each inherit half of heavily mortgaged Drover\'s Run. Tess, who recently lost her mother to breast cancer, returns to Drover\'s in the hopes of cashing out and opening a cafe in the city, but is disappointed to be met with a less-than-rosy financial picture and the open resentment of her older sister. After Claire fires the male workforce, the sisters, with the help of housekeeper Meg Fountain, her daughter Jodi, and local girl Becky, decide to run the property themselves. The tentative -- and presumably temporary -- partnership is the first step in the reunited sisters\' effort to heal old wounds, improve their relationship, and lift the property out of debt. The next few seasons depicts the growing bond between the sisters, including Tess\' decision to stay at Drover\'s permanently, as well as their relationships with the neighboring Ryan brothers and others within the district. By the fourth season, Claire\'s old friend Stevie Hall had relocated to Drover\'s and was intent on establishing a rodeo school. Jodi\'s old school chum Kate also joined the Drover\'s women.

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The second to last episode in Season 3 was very unexpected on my part & was a real heartbreaker. <br /> <br />The show is definitely evolving from a drama to a soap opera. Seasons 1 & 2 were phenomenal & I could not get enough. Some of the episodes from Season 3 didn't capture my attention like the first two & I definitely didn't see the end of season 3 coming at me. I felt betrayed by the show & felt they could've done things differently. <br /> <br />I will not be investing any more of my money in the rest of McLeod's Daugther's (Seasons 4-9).
Reviewed on 2010-03-19 by

Delivery was quick and fast. I enjoy the series, I have 2 have the full series. thank you.
24 November 2009 - Reviewed by

I was introduced to the series when I visited South Australia.I was so happy to be able to purchase it here.I love the story and the scenery.The acting is excellent.I have almost the whole series.It was filmed in the area I visited so I have a definite connection.I got so involved with the characters that I cried when Claire got killed.I felt as though I had lost a member of the family.I can recommend the series to anyone who enjoys a good story about sheep ranching,romance,Australia,horses and cattle.
Review by on 16 January 2009

I just can't get enough of this show, it is one of the few shows that my family watches over and over again.
Reviewed on 2009-01-16 by

Season 3 of Mcloud's Daughter's has been an emotional roller coaster from the beginning. I have been so captivated by the characters and storyline of this show from the first episode in the first season. I've gotten so involved that I can't wait to get home and see the next episode. What a fun storyline, I love how two sisters reunite after so many years apart. I love watching the struggles of living on a farm and dealing with day to day life, the financial difficulties, the demanding tasks, relationships that start, end and form through different trials and demands of life. <br />Season 3 has been the most emotional season yet, I didn't think my heart could make it through to the end of the season. I'm not sure how the story is going to go next... <br />There were so many things that happened in Season 3, I laughed so many times and cried just as many. There were so many hopes and dreams of the future but now everything seems to be in the air and unsettled. I couldn't believe the outcome of the last few episodes and I was very sad to see how everything was played out. But am hopeful to see what life brings for Drover's Run in the coming seasons. <br />I LOVED the first two seasons, it was so refreshing to see a show that was different than everything else out there on was only by chance I came across this show and now I'm addicted! I've recommended it to all my friends and family and many of them are now addicted as well! I'll definitely see the coming seasons but am a little worried that they are going to turn into a soap and loose the effect they have now. <br />It's been great to escape to Drover's Run when life get's too crazy or I need a break...I love just catching an episode here and there or sitting down for a whole day and watching for hours upon hours!! I definitely would recommend this to anyone and am sure they would become an avid Mcloud's viewer!
Season 3 Wow what an emotional ride. Saying good by to some very good friends will leave you heartbroke but hopeful with the arrival of new faces, not to replace the old ones but to show when a door is shut a window is opened. A wonderful closure in the last epi's, beautifully done.
I have loved the series when we could watch in the US. It a great drama about women making it on a Austrial ranch. Love, birth and heart break.
Reviewed on 2009-01-16 by

Two half-sisters reunite after inheriting a cattle ranch in the Australian outback - and after 20 years apart, find themselves working together with an all-female workforce. Season Three covers the new challenges the two face running the property. It's a blend of soap opera and primetime drama, packed with emotion and perfect for female viewers. While familiarity with the prior seasons will lend a quicker recognition to the story line here, the third season of MCLEOD'S DAUGHTERS is also a top pick for newcomers. <br /> <br />Diane C. Donovan <br />California Bookwatch