Original Soundtrack - McLeod\'s Daughters, Vols. 1 and 2 - Audio

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Original Soundtrack - McLeod\'s Daughters, Vols. 1 and 2 - Audio CD Two CD set. McLeod\'s Daughters is one of Australia\'s most popular television dramas. Throughout the series one of the most enthralling parts has been how the original music in each episode has captured the emotion and feeling of the situations of the characters within the show. This first volume of McLeod\'s Daughters soundtrack brought together the beautiful vocals of Rebecca Lavelle with the songwriting talents of Chris Harriott, Posie Graeme - Evans and Michaeley O\'Brien. Volume Two continues the magic and features 12 tracks composed by Chris Harriott and Posie Graeme-Evans, performed by Rebecca LaVelle, Chris Harriott, and Peter Northcote. Columbia.

Track List

Disc: 1
1 - Understand Me
2 - Common Ground
3 - Never Enough
4 - Don\'t Judge
5 - Love You, Hate You
6 - Heat
7 - Am I Crazy?
8 - We Got It Wrong
9 - Siren\'s Song
10 - Hopeless Case
11 - Just a Child
12 - My Heart Is Like a River

Disc: 2
1 - Theme from McLeod\'s Daughters
2 - Hey Girl (You Got a New Life)
3 - Take the Rain Away
4 - Stranger
5 - Sometimes
6 - Too Young
7 - First Touch
8 - In His Eyes
9 - By My Side
10 - Did I Tell You?
11 - Don\'t Give Up
12 - Gentle Gentle (Life of Your Life)

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