SteriPEN Adventurer Handheld Water Purifier

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Great for hiking and camping, this handheld water purifier destroys viruses, bacteria, and common protozoa. It weighs just 3.6 ounces with two non-rechargeable, disposable batteries (included) and purifies 16 ounces of water in 48 seconds, or 32 ounces in 90 seconds. The purifier employs ultraviolet light (UV) to destroy the DNA of microorganisms, making them unable to reproduce and cause illness. It\'s effective against outdoor microbes like giardia and cryptosporidium; pathogens that cause diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis, and Legionnaire\'s Disease; household germs such as bird flu, E. coli, and salmonella; staph and strep; and natural-disaster risks like botulism, cholera, smallpox, and typhoid.

No pumping, no chemicals, no test strips, no timekeeping, no lubricating, and no replacement filters are required. All that is required is to push the water purifier\'s button (once for 32 ounces, twice for 16 ounces), place the pen-like lamp in clear water, and stir until an indicator light turns green. Water has no aftertaste after being purified. Measuring 6.1 inches long, the purifier comes with a nylon case and a user\'s guide. It exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for testing microbiological water purifiers.


  • Handheld water purifier that effectively destroys viruses, bacteria, and protozoa
  • Purifies 16 ounces (1/2 liter) of water in 48 seconds or 32 ounces in 90 seconds
  • Employs ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy DNA of harmful microorganisms
  • Exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for purifier testing
  • Easy 1-button operation; weighs only 3.6 ounces; includes 2 disposable batteries

Brand: SteriPEN

Manufacturer Part Number: AD-RP

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Review by on June 09, 2009

I maintain a shelter on the AT and am generally an avid backpacker. I first started hiking using iodine, then moved to a pump (which was horrible - clogged and was too heavy/bulky), and had been using Aqua Mira for years which is fantastic but involves mixing two parts and takes some time. It's a light weight unit and doesn't really bother an ounce-counter such as myself to carry this along. I found more comfortable carrying less water with me since I could very quickly and easily chug a half-liter anytime I passed a stream which is a nice benefit. Seems like a well made and rugged unit overall. I think the cap is hard to pop off/on. <br /> <br />This is one of those products that is tough to judge since it might be working and killing little critters that may have made you sick - OR - it might do nothing but you might just have not ingested any critters. I used this on my beginning of season hike to my AT shelter and it seemed to work. So far I haven't gotten sick and its been a week (which is the normal incubation period for giardia). I know that using this versus a pump or chemicals is about 1000% easier and more convenient. I'd pack along extra batteries. The batteries in the unit seem to not be terribly powerful and certainly have something to use as a pre-filter and always toss a bottle of iodine in your pack just in case. As a whole an exciting new addition to my gear.
Reviewed on 2009-03-05 by

I purchased the SteriPEN Adventurer before taking a trip to India. While I mostly drank bottled water during my trip, I did use the SteriPEN a few times on tap water and did not get sick. (It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses by breaking down their DNA and proteins, rendering them inert.) So, I believe that the product works as advertised. While the SteriPEN is a little bigger than you might expect from some pictures, it is small enough to fit into any luggage or backpack you might have and is easy to use. It's also much more convenient than using water purification tablets since you don't have to wait after using it. I'll take this with me whenever I visit any country with questionable drinking water.
I've giving it a single star for being unreliable. <br /> <br />I got this thing and tried it out a couple times and it seemed to work. Then I took it on a weeklong backpack trip and it failed from day one because it ran the rechargeable batteries down after less than 5 uses. I should have brought Iodine tabs as a backup. <br /> <br />Also, the LED lights used to indicate readiness are very difficult to see in sunlight, and the message system needlessly confusing. A sound-based system would be much better. Finally, the info about lights out to be printed on the case so that losing the instructions doesn't render the unit totally useless.
I bought the SteriPEN before traveling to India and Nepal. Three weeks on trains and in modest lodging, using the pen to sterilize one liter of water at a time.I learned that I had to insert it deep into the water, just a little beyond the rod, otherwise it didn't work. I used it 20 - 30 times and it took away the uncertainty about the water. I'm taking it with me to Mexico this month. It's lightweight and small, so easy to include.
Reviewed on 2009-03-05 by

The pen seems to work properly, but I have not tested it on raw water as yet.