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Todd Rundgren's cult following -- the fans who did consider him a Wizard, a True Star intensified around the time Todd was released. Rundgren played the role to the hilt, dyeing his hair in a rainbow of colors and turning in extravagant concert performances. While his appearance may have flirted with glam or glitter, but his music was getting increasingly progressive. Released in 1974, Todd , may have had the occasional full-fledged pop song, such as the near-hit A Dream Goes on Forever but it had more than its share of lengthy experimental instrumentals. This was the direction he decided to pursue and he decided he needed a full-fledged band to help him continue in the progressive direction.

Todd has been compared to Jimi Hendrixs Electric Ladyland in that they both were sprawling double LP's, opening with a short, spacy/galactic track, then segueing into a ballad, followed by a material of a mind-expanding nature. And both Todd and Electric Ladyland were centered around love, soul-searching, possessing a degree of spirituality.

There are also fans who feel the album is reminiscent of Pet Sounds&, the Beach Boys classic that not only discussed love lyrically, but because the concept of love permeates every track.

Alongside originals such as A Dream Goes On Forever and Heavy Metal Kids , both of which became concert staples, Rundgren also satirized his chosen profession with the song An Elpees' Worth of Toons and revisited his teenage obsession with the music of Gilbert & Sullivan in a rendition of The Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song.

The special limited Todd / Healing tour of 2010 (only six shows) was promoted by Rundgren Radio, the weekly Internet Todd-centric radio show. Like the A Wizard A True Star dates earlier that same year, also instigated by Rundgren Radio, Todd performed these two classic albums in their entirety live in concert for the first time.

As a special bonus for fans, multiple EMMY-award-winner Roy Firestone was enlisted to conduct an extended in depth conversation with Todd live on stage the day before the Keswick Theater concert, which was also videotaped. Roy, a longtime fan and already possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Todd, immersed himself in even more in-depth research in the weeks leading up to the event; the result is the sine qua non of Todd interviews.

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